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A Tour of Kyle’s New Garage Gym in Urbandale, Iowa

The garage gym we featured in March took up an [...]

Benjamin’s 5 Year Garage Gym Evolution

Benjamin's garage gym in Prosper, TX has been a 5 [...]

Olympic vs Standard Weights and Bars

So you're not sure what to go with, Olympic or Standard weights. Here's everything you need to know.

Standard weights are often found in home gyms. What you'll see right away is Olympic bars are thicker on the ends. But that's actually just one of many differences.

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Barbell Weight Plates – A Comparison of Iron and Rubber Models

Our weight plates make up a large chunk of our sales. We could list many more styles of weight plates than this on our site. But we don't. We have listed only the most popular styles, determined through years of trial and error and listening to what our customers want.

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