Anyone who lifts regularly eventually gets some nagging aches and pains that they can’t figure out. Usually they go away if you work around them and lighten up a bit.

Ryan’s latest problem was pain in his forearms that had been there for months. He went to see a doctor to see if medical science had any insight. Lifters don’t always want to go to doctors for advice, because the advice is usually “Stop lifting heavy weights,” which to anyone who lifts sounds like “Stop eating food” or “Stop breathing.”

Luckily Ryan knew a doctor he could get some quick advice from without doing a whole office visit. The doctor explained to him it was forearm splints. Yep, just like shin splints, which is a bunch of tiny cracks in the bone from stress. All those straight bar curls had put so much stress in his forearms that it was causing splints.

The SupraBar Cable Curl Bar was made specifically to address forearm stress by letting you grip the rotating handles with as much of a neutral grip as you want to. The rotating handles let you adjust to the right position, even changing it mid-rep if you need to be more neutral only during the lower part of the lift.

Disclosure: Troy gave us a deal on this bar to review.

There are two other similar SupraBars that Troy makes: The olympic curl bar and the close-grip tricep pressdown cable bar.

Olympic SupraBar
Tricep Cable SupraBar