Lifter and Youtuber Matt Vincent got a chance to meet up with former WWE wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin at his home garage gym. Check out Matt’s channel for more good videos, by the way. He’s got a big following.

We haven’t seen much about Stone Cold’s workout routine for several years.

Matt’s video is below, but I took some shots out of the video to give you a better look at some particular pieces of equipment. 

You may have seen The Rock’s enormous globo-gym setup taking up a barn-by his Miami home, with easily 100 grand worth of equipment…

The Rock’s “Iron Paradise” home gym.

Well, Stone Cold managed his money pretty well too. And he still lifts. You know he’s got to have a sweet setup. Who’s got the best gym between them? Let’s find out!

It’s hard to capture the entire gym in just one shot. So let’s pan around a little bit…

So that’s the bulk of it. A piano, cooler, lamps, ladder, washer/dryer… and nestled in there is a half rack and barbell.

He has his other garage filled up with more junk, and the piano etc had to overflow into this one until he gets rid of it.

As Matt points out, no, you can’t even load the plates or lift properly. Steve has to pull the rack out in front of the piano to do much of anything.

The half rack is a 2″x2″, 7ft tall rack with decently long spotter arms and plate storage. Kind of like an older model Rogue HR-2, but theirs is 3″x3″. Don’t know what it might be. Every single thing here seems to be a different brand, collected over the years. Someone probably can figure out what he has there. It does not look very old at all.

The FID bench says FLEX on it. I guess some old defunct brand?

Those pull up bands hanging on the rack could be anything. I don’t see a brand marking at all.

Step on over here to the accessory work area. Here we have a second rusty barbell, with VTX bumpers, for doing meadows rows and anything with the landmine.

I was not familiar with Meadows rows, so I looked it up. Here’s a good quick video of John Meadows himself demonstrating the Meadows rows.

The rest of the plates scattered about are Iron Grip urethane plates. Multi-sided plates are a pain in the ass for deadlifts, but otherwise they’re nice plates.

Moving on…

Steve has a preacher curl bench on the side. I believe it’s a Champion Preacher Curl.

The dumbbells are run-of-the-mill rubber hex dumbbells with contoured handles, which come nearly identically in tons of different brands.

I got curious about who makes this 40lb kettlebell. I checked around at like 10 stores that sell ones like these, and I don’t see a match. It’s a very modern one, with that color stripe that they only started doing a few years back. Maybe MuscleDriver (out of business). Help me out here?

A kettlebell is always a smart choice, as there are tons of workouts you can do with it.

I love his explanation for working out in this cramped garage with a few pieces of basic equipment:

Gold’s Gym is two and a half miles down the road. I could train there if I wanted to, but I just don’t like being around people too much

Let’s end on that note. Isn’t that why we all have home gyms?

Here’s the video.