Power Rack Attachments & Compatibility – Master List

You get a hold of a great power rack or squat rack, but then you find out that the company doesn’t make the attachments / accessories that you want.

No problem! You should be able to find a compatible attachment or accessory, as long as your rack is made with one of a few standard configurations.


The key specs are:

  1. The tubing size of the uprights, typically one of: 2″x2″,  2″x3″, or 3″x3″. All 2″x3″ racks have the 3″ sides oriented the same direction.
  2. The hole diameter in the uprights. Attachments need to have the same size pegs, ie: 1″, 5/8″, etc.
  3. The hole spacing in the uprights, ie: the distance between holes on center. This is only an issue for larger attachments that use 2 holes, like with a peg and a locking pin. Some racks have Westside spacing, which is 1″ spacing at a certain height range for setting bench press safety bars just right, and otherwise 2″ spacing above and below that.

When slightly wrong sized attachments are ok

Attachments can also fit in larger holes. For example, Rogue’s Infinity attachments with 0.63″ pegs can fit into the Titan X-3’s 0.69″ holes. When an attachment is made for a larger hole, it will be able to tip forward a little because the rear hole does not secure it.

Similarly, attachments can fit onto slightly smaller tubing than what they were designed for. For example, Titan attachments for 2.5″ tubing can fit onto Powertec’s 2.4″ tubing. This can actually be a better situation than the wrong hole size, because you can glue shims (UHMW plastic is best) to the inside of the attachment’s bracket to make it fit perfectly.

Some attachments work well enough even if they’re loose. Some don’t have enough pressure put on them to make any difference, like a rope anchor.

The steel gauge of racks does not matter. The difference in dimensions is too minuscule to count.

When you should not use the wrong sized attachments

I don’t recommend you use certain safety-critical attachments like J-hooks or steel safety arms designed for a slightly larger sized hole or tube. Depending on the fit, they may tip forward or wiggle too much.

Weight plate storage attachments can present a similar problem, where the storage peg won’t stay perfectly horizontal if it’s too loose a fit.

You could run into poorly welded attachments. If you’re stoked to get those new crazy cheap J-hooks and your heart falls into your stomach as you find it doesn’t fit very snugly, well, it probably fits the same on that manufacturer’s own rack. Attachments as a rule don’t fit perfectly snug, but better brands like Rogue and Rep Fitness have the highest and most consistent quality, in contrast to the gamble you may be taking on Titan Fitness’ quality.

List of power rack attachments by size

These are ordered smallest to largest.

For a lat pulldown / low row cable system that works on almost any power rack, see the well-designed Spud Inc Pulley System.

Not listed here are complex attachments and accessories that will not fit any other racks. These include any attachments that mount on the top or bottom crossmembers or need the rack to be a very specific width. Examples are special pull up bars and almost any vertical barbell holders.

2×2 Tubing, 1/2″ Holes

(Rogue Echo & ES-1 & Wall Mount)
Rogue Echo J Cups $45.00

2×2 Tubing, 11/16″ (0.68″) Holes

(Titan X-2)
Titan Dip Bars Pair $38.95
Titan Y-Dip Attachment $61.95
Titan J Hooks Pair $34.95
Titan Sandwich J-Hooks Pair $59.95
Titan Plate Holders Pair $24.95
Titan Plate Storage (4) $89.95
Titan Padded J-Hooks Pair $34.95
Titan Battle Rope Anchor $29.95
Titan Step Up Platform $65.00
Also, the Titan T-3 Multi Grip Pull Up Bar and the Titan T-3
Landmine Attachment
are compatible with the Titan X-2
racks (thanks TJ!).

If you’re getting a battle rope anchor, see our article on battle ropes for some buying advice.

2×2 Tubing, 1″ Holes

(Powerline PPR200X, Best Fitness BFPR100, Valor BD-7 & BD-33,
Titan T-2, Amstaff DF1161A & TP006D, Rep Fitness
PR-1000, PR-1050 & PR-1100, Fringe Squat Cage,
Get Rx’d Pro Power Cage)
Rep Dip Attachment $50.00
Rep J-Cups Pair $39.00
Rep Landmine $49.00
Rep Plate Storage Pair $14.99
Valor Dip Handles MB-A    $59.00
Valor 12″ Safety Arms MB-F    $65.00
Valor Premium Bar Holders MB-E $45.00
Valor 7.5″ Plate Storage Post $34.00
Titan Monolift
requires 2″ hole spacing
Titan Safety Straps Pair
fits 26″ inside depth
Titan Plate Holders Pair $22.99
Titan Dip Bars Pair $54.00
Titan Y-Dip Bar $82.95
Titan J-Hooks Pair $45.99
Titan 20″ Spotter Arms Pair
requires 2″ hole spacing
Titan Battle Rope Anchor $31.95

For more on the strap safeties used as an alternative to traditional steel safety bars, see our article, Are Power Rack Safety Straps Safe?

2.4×2.4 (60mm) Tubing, 1″ Holes

(Powertec P-PR, WB-PR)
Several attachments are available – I’ll create
this list if I find another brand that these fit.

2.5×2.5 Tubing, 1″ Holes

(Valor BD-11 & BD-41, Amstaff TR023 & TR025 &

These will also fit the Powertec racks, with 1/8″ slop.

Valor 12″ Safety Arms MB-H $65.00
Valor Premium Bar Holders MB-G $45.00
Valor Dip Handles MB-B $59.00

Tip: If you have a lighter squat rack that you aren’t bolting to the floor, you may consider getting some sand bags to weigh it down if the feet are splayed out enough like in this example

2×3 Tubing, 1/2″ Holes

 (BodyCraft F430)
BodyCraft J-Hooks $70.00

2×3 Tubing, 5/8″ (0.63″) Holes

(Rogue R-Series & Infinity, FringeSport Kip Cage & 2×3 rigs)

(these attachments will fit the larger 0.68″ holes
on the Titan T-3 & T-6, with a little slop)

Rogue Monolift
requires Infnity retrofit kit
Rogue Infinity Safety Straps 2.0 Pair
fits 24″, 30″ or 43″ inside depth
Rogue J Cups Pair $65.00
Rogue Matador
fits 2″ hole spacing
Rogue Landmine $95.00
Rogue Plate Storage $28.25
Rogue Battle Rope Anchor $25.00
Fringe 24″ Safety Spotters Pair $99.00
Fringe J Cups Pair $85.00
Fringe SuperCup J Cups Pair $145.00
Fringe Dip Bar
fits 2″ hole spacing

1.97×3.15 (80mm x 50mm) Tubing, 5/8″ Holes

(Rep Fitness PR-3000)
Rep Sandwich J Cups Pair $79.00
Rep Strap Safeties
fits 36″ inside depth
Rep Dip Attachment $89.00
Rep 17.5″ Safety Spotters Pair $89.00
Rep Plate Storage Pair $14.99

2×3 Tubing, 11/16″ (0.68″) Holes

(Titan T-3 & T-6)
Titan J-Hooks Pair $45.99
Titan Sandwich J-Hooks Pair $59.95
Titan Safety Straps Pair
fits 24″ or 36″ inside depth
Titan Dip Bars Pair   $54.00
Titan Y-Dip Bar $72.00
Titan Landmine $33.00
Titan Plate Storage Pair $22.99
Titan Plate Storage (4) $89.95
Titan Step Up Platform $68.00

3×3 Tubing, 5/8″ (0.63″) Holes

(Rogue Monster Lite, Get Rx’d Titan Rack, Body Solid SPR1000[1])
Rogue Monolift $305.00
Rogue Monster Lite Safety Straps Pair
fits 24″, 30″ or 43″ inside depth
Rogue Monster Lite J-Cups Pair $79.50
Rogue Monster Lite Sandwich J-Cups Pair $125.00
Rogue 24″ Monster Lite Safety Spotters Pair $162.75
Rogue Monster Lite Matador    $86.75
Rogue Monster Lite Storage Channel Pair $58.50
Rogue Monster Lite Landmine $95.00
Rogue Monster Lite Kids’ Pull Up Bar $58.50
Rogue Monster Lite Leg Roller $75.00
Rogue Battle Rope Anchor $25.00
Rogue MobilityWOD Roller $50.00
Rogue Change Plate Storage $45.00
Body Solid J Cups Pair $90.00
[1] The Body Solid SPR1000 has 5/8″ holes facing the front/back, and
7/8″ holes on the sides. Many of its attachments are made to fit the 7/8″
holes, which are incompatible with any other racks.

3×3 Tubing, 11/16″ (0.68″) Holes

(Titan X-3)
Titan J Hooks Pair $51.99
 Titan Dip Bars $62.00
Titan Safety Straps Pair
fits 24″ or 30″ inside depth
Titan Plate Storage Pair $26.99
Titan Plate Storage (4) $89.95
Titan Battle Rope Anchor $30.95

3×3 Tubing, 3/4″ (0.75″) Holes

(American Barbell racks)
American Barbell Dip Bar $250.00

3×3 Tubing, 1″ Holes

(Rogue Monster, Vulcan Strength Racks, Ethos Power Rack,
Amstaff 370, Rep Fitness PR-5000 & CPR1, Titan’s TITAN Series,
Fringe 3×3 rig, Valor rig, Get Rx’d Titan rigs & Goliath rack,
Body Solid SPR1000[1])
Rogue Monolift $325.00
Rogue Monster Safety Straps
fits 24″, 30″ or 43″ inside depth
Rogue Monster J-Cups Pair $115.00
Rogue Monster Sandwich J Cups Pair  $225.00
Rogue 24″ Monster Safety Spotters 2.0 Pair $270.00
Rogue Monster Matador    $145.00
Rogue 12.5″ Monster Plate Storage Pin $52.50
Rogue 13″ Monster Plate Storage Channel $95.00
Rogue Monster Landmine 2.0 $125.00
Rogue Monater Leg Roller $64.50
Rep Strap Safeties Pair
fits 30″ inside depth
Rep Dip Attachment $99.00
Rep Sandwich J Cups Pair $99.00
Rep Landmine Attachment $49.00
Vulcan J Hooks Pair $55.00
Vulcan 12″ Plate Holder $50.00
Vulcan Dip Attachment $124.00
Vulcan 24″ Spotter Arms Pair $130.00
Vulcan Landmine $75.99
Titan Y Dip Attachment $103.95
Titan Sandwich J Hooks Pair $107.95
Titan Safety Straps Pair
fits 42″ inside depth
Fringe Spotter Arms Pair $155.00
Fringe J Cups Pair $105.00
Fringe Plate Storage $75.00
Valor J Cups Pair $69.99
Get Rx’d Titan J Cup Each $30.00
Get Rx’d Titan Monolift $210.00
Get Rx’d Titan Spotter Arm Each $70.00

About the Author:

David Kiesling
David founded Adamant Barbell in 2007 and Two Rep Cave in 2018. Lately he spends his free time practicing archery and hang gliding.

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Will the Rep safety straps 36″ fit my 36″ deep Titan X-3?


Is there a solution to get s straps for the X-3 / 36″?


Hey Dave,
Are these Safety Spotter arms compatible with the 3×3 1″ Rogue Monster racks?



Thanks for putting this information together. I have a Powertec rack, the square tube size measures 2 3/8″ x 2 3/8″. Is this considered a standard 2″ x 2″? I am looking at the Titan T-2 accessories and trying to make sure they will fit before purchasing. Thanks.


New add for you, rep just added strap safeties for 2×3


I have a Sorinex power rack, which I repped from CL. Sorin standard HOLE size is 1 inch and 1/16 to mm, which of these brand accessories can I buy that would be 100% compatible with Sorinex power rack hole dimensions.

PS: Sorinex power rack attachments & accessories are out of my budget and I am looking to add from any other brand, (1) Y Dip assist, (2) landmine attachment (3) Safety spotters pair / Saftey arms.


David, Thanks for your prompt reply, Yes – I was meaning to say hole size is 1 1/16 (this as per Reflex fitness who built Sorinex racks in the past).

Tubing size: 2″X3″ TUBING


Hole size: 1 1/16 inches


My setup & rack pics if it helps identify what Sorin rack this is? https://imgur.com/a/BoGBt


Hi David, It was my bad, the uprights are 3″ x 3″ with a hole size 1 1/16″, can you please advice on the attachment compatibility.

Cheers and thanks in advance.


Useful article, thanks. I don’t see the Rep PR-3000 storage posts, land mine and safety spotters listed as compatible with the R3 but would assume they are based on the numbers.


The Titan X-2 is 2”x2” with 11/16 holes. One thing that I know that’s compatible is the T-3 multi-grip pull-up bar because I have it. One thing I think that’s compatible is the T-3 landmine attachment because it goes through the 2” side of the bar.


I actually found this blog because someone referred to it on the subreddit r/homegym. I think posting this question on that subreddit would get you a ton of the information you’re looking for. I’m not very good at the Internet so just to be clear, r/homegym is a forum on reddit.com.

George Munoz
George Munoz

Hello, I was wondering if having 5/8 attachments for a 1 inch hole power rack would be a problem? I would want the titan fitness t3 weight holders for my 2×3 power rack, but wondering if I should worry about that.

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Is there a solution to get s straps for the X-3 / 36"?