2024 Update – Moved a few brands to metric sized sections where they should have been

You get a hold of a great power rack or squat rack, but then you find out that the company doesn’t make the attachments / accessories that you want.

No problem! You should be able to find a compatible attachment or accessory, as long as your rack is made with one of a few standard configurations.

The 3 Compatibility Specs

The key specs are:

power rack tubing size

The tubing size of the uprights, as above, typically one of: 2″x2″,  2″x3″, or 3″x3″.

Racks made in China usually use metric sizing. This applies to a lot of brands featured here. They don’t advertise the fact, and you would have to ask them or run into the problem yourself. The tables they are organized in identify them as such.

power rack attachment peg size

The hardware/peg diameter that fits into the holes in the uprights, as above. Varies from 1/2″ to 1″. Going by the peg diameter is more consistent across brands than the hole size that is cut somewhat larger than the peg.

power rack hole spacing

The hole spacing in the uprights, ie: the distance between holes on center, as above. This is only applicable for attachments that use 2 holes, the second using a locking pin.

2″ spacing is becoming the standard. Some racks have Westside spacing, which is 1″ spacing at a certain height range for setting bench press safety bars just right, and otherwise 2″ spacing above and below that.

When Slightly Wrong Sized Attachments are Ok

An attachment can fit in a larger hole than it’s made for, but it will be able to wiggle and maybe tip down a little, depending on the snugness of the bracket that goes over the tubing.

Similarly, attachment brackets can fit onto slightly smaller tubing than what they were designed for. This can be less bad than the wrong peg size, because you can glue shims (UHMW plastic or wood) to the inside of the attachment’s bracket to make it fit. Some attachments work well enough even if they’re loose. Some don’t have enough pressure put on them to be a safety issue, like a battle rope anchor, but it could still rattle.

Lastly, the steel gauge (wall thickness) of rack tubing does not factor into compatibility. The tubes are fabricated to an outside diameter spec.

power rack attachment adapter 2x3 and 3x3
rack tubing adapters

For fitting 3×3 attachments onto 2×3 tubing, or 2×3 attachments onto 2×2 tubing, an Etsy seller is making these adapters to fill the void in the bracket.

When You Should Not Use the Wrong Sized Attachments

I don’t recommend you use load-bearing attachments that don’t fit quite right, such as J-hooks, steel safety arms, or plate holders, unless you have a good way of retrofitting it to be snug enough. Use some common sense, visualize it, and you’ll get the idea.

Attachments Using 2 Holes

metric and imperial hole spacing on power rack

In many cases attachments that use a locking pin to secure the attachment into a second hole on the rack’s upright won’t line up the same on all racks. Normally this is the difference in metric and imperial (inches) hole spacing. As much as you want it to work, under most circumstances you won’t get the locking pin in. The offset starts at 1/16″ per hole and widens cumulatively.

If you’re thinking of foregoing the locking pin or buying a thinner one, and you have to ask for confirmation on whether it’s safe, you probably shouldn’t do it.

List of Power Rack Attachments by Size

Rogue has among the best and most consistent quality. Cheap Amazon-only brands, which I don’t like to list unless there are no other options, are the worst and might be unsafe. Most other brands are somewhere in the middle or sometimes as good as Rogue.

Not listed here are complex attachments and accessories that will not fit any other racks, such as those that mount on the top or bottom crossmembers or need the rack to be a specific width between uprights. Examples are special pull up bars or rack extensions.

Size categories ordered smallest to largest.

50x50mm Tubing, 16mm Pegs

Titan X-2 (discontinued)

The Titan T-3 Multi Grip Pull Up Bar is compatible with this rack (thanks TJ!).

2×2 Tubing, 1/2″ Pegs

Granite Fitness Series 22 racks

No other brands match this size.

2×2 Tubing, 5/8″ Pegs

Powerline PPR1000, Northern Lights Crossbox

Powerline Landmine Base$24
Powerline Battle Rope Anchor$24
Powerline Weight Horn$20
Rogue Landmine

50x50mm Tubing, 25mm Pegs

Titan Fitness T-2, Giant Lifting 2X Series

50mm is a hair smaller than 2″. These are generally compatible with 2×2 racks. However, 2×2 attachments using a second hole and hitch pin are incompatible.

Titan Adjustable Monolift$229.99
Titan Safety Straps Pair
fits 26″ inside depth
Titan Dip Bars Pair
Titan Y-Dip Bar
Titan J-Hooks Pair
Titan Roller J-Hooks Pair$94.99
Titan Sandwich J-Hooks Pair$94.99
Titan 23″ Spotter Arms Pair
Giant J Cups Pair
(use code TWOREP for 10% off at Giant Lifting)
Giant Landmine$79.99
Giant Dip Station$119.99

2×2 Tubing, 1″ Pegs

Powerline PPR200X / PPR500, Best Fitness BFPR100, Valor BD-7 / BD-33, Rep Fitness PR-1000 / PR-1050 / PR-1100, Fringe Squat Cage, Legend Fitness Varsity Series, Get Rx’d Pro Power Cage, Vanswe Power Rack, TDS 1000lb Power Squat Rack, Fitness Reality 810XLT, Amstaff DF1161A / TP006D (discontinued)

Rep Dip Attachment
Rep J-Cups Pair
Rep Landmine
(fits any rack that will take 5/8″ or larger pegs)
Rep 9″ Plate Storage Pair

For more on the strap safeties used as an alternative to traditional steel safety bars, see our article, Are Power Rack Safety Straps Safe?

60x60mm Tubing, 13mm Pegs

ForceUSA MyRack only.

60mm is 2.36″, way off from all imperial sized racks. These attachments might fit the metric racks in the next section well enough that take 16mm pegs.

ForceUSA Plate Holders (4)$49.99
ForceUSA Deluxe J-Hooks Pair$79.99
ForceUSA J-Hooks Pair$59.99
ForceUSA Dip Attachment$79.99
ForceUSA Landmine Base & Handle$79.99
ForceUSA Spotter Arms Pair $99.99
ForceUSA Strap Safeties Pair
fits 29″ inside depth
ForceUSA Monolift$199.99

60x60mm Tubing, 16mm Pegs

Bells of Steel Residential Rack / Utility Rack / Light Commercial Rack / Brute Rack / Folding Rack / Combo Rack

60mm is 2.36″, way off from all imperial sized racks.

BoS J-Cups Pair$59.99
BoS Sandwich J-Cups Pair$59.99
BoS Plate Storage Pegs Pair$44.99
BoS Roller J-Cups Pair$69.99
BoS Landmine Base$69.99
BoS Y Dip Bar$99.99
BoS 27″ Spotter Arms119.99
BoS Lever Arms$199.99
BoS Monolift$229.99
BoS Belt Squat$308.00

60x60mm Tubing, 25mm Pegs

Powertec WB-PR / P-PR (discontinued), Hulkfit Power Cage

60mm is 2.36″, way off from all imperial sized racks.

Powertec Premium J-Hooks Pair$75
Powertec Spotter Arms Pair$85
Powertec Landmine$140

2.5×2.5 Tubing, 1″ Pegs

Valor BD-11 / BD-41, Amstaff TR023 / TR025 / SD1050

Valor 12″ Safety Arms MB-H
Valor Premium Bar Holders MB-G
Valor Dip Handles MB-B
Fitness Avenue J-Cups Pair$27

50x75mm Tubing, 16mm Pegs

Titan Fitness T-3 / T-6 (discontinued)

Slightly smaller than 2″x3″, and pegs slightly larger than 5/8″. Generally compatible with 2×3 racks except for attachments using a second hole, because of the metric hole spacing.

Titan J-Hooks Pair$74.99
Titan Sandwich J-Hooks Pair
Titan Roller J-Hooks Pair$104.99
Titan Safety Straps Pair
fits 24″ or 36″ inside depth
Titan 21″ Spotter Arms Pair
requires 50mm hole spacing
Titan Adjustable Lever Arms$329.99
Titan Dip Attachment $74.99
Titan Y-Dip Bar$104.99
Titan Plate Storage 4-Pack$94.99
Titan Battle Rope Anchor$59.99
Titan Step Up Platform

2×3 Tubing, 5/8″ Pegs

Rogue R-Series (Infinity), FringeSport Unlimited Kip Power Cage / 2×3 rigs (discontinued), Bolt Fitness Lightning Power Racks

Rogue J Cups Pair
Rogue 20″ Spotter Arms$145
Rogue Matador
Rogue Landmine
Rogue Plate Storage
Rogue Battle Rope Anchor
Rogue Wrenches
(15/16″ wrenches fit the head of a 5/8″ bolt)
Fringe 24″ Safety Spotters Pair
Fringe J Cups Pair
Fringe Dip Bar

2×3 Tubing, 3/4″ Pegs

Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Power Cage

No other brands match this size. The attachments in the 2×3, 5/8″ peg section above should fit this rack well enough.

2×3 Tubing, 1″ Pegs

Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Rack

No other brands match this size.

50x80mm Tubing, 16mm Pegs

Rep Fitness PR-3000 (discontinued)

75x75mm Tubing, 16mm Pegs

Griffin Fitness GR3 Lite, Rep Fitness PR-4000, Titan X-3, Vulcan Flat Base Power Rack

Slightly smaller than 3″x3″, and pegs slightly larger than 5/8″. Generally compatible with 3×3 racks except for attachments using a second hole, because of the metric hole spacing.

Rep Iso Arms (Lever Arms) Pair$599.99
Rep Landmine$89.99
Rep Round Sandwich J Cups$129.99
Rep Flat Sandwich J Cups$95.99
Rep Standard J Cups$69.99
Rep Strap Safeties
(3 length choices to fit any rack)
(reported to not fit well over true 3×3 tubing)
Rep 6″, 9″ or 12″ Weight Horns Pair
fits 50mm hole spacing
Rep Y-Dip Attachment
fits 50mm hole spacing
Rep 24″ Spotter Arms Pair$149.99
Titan J Hooks Pair
(reported to not fit well over true 3×3 tubing)
Titan Roller J Hooks Pair$94.99
Titan 24″ Spotter Arms Pair
requires 50mm hole spacing
Titan Adjustable Lever Arms$339.99
Titan Dip Attachment$104.99
Titan Safety Straps Pair
fits 24″, 30″ or 36″ inside depth
Titan 5″ Plate Storage Pair
Titan 11″ Plate Storage 4-pack $94.99
Titan Battle Rope Anchor$59.99
Titan Wrist Roller$94.99
Titan Muscle Roller$49.99
Griffin GR3 Lite 24″ Spotter Arms Pair$169.99
Griffin GR3 Lite Strap Safeties$169.99
Griffin GR3 Lite Dip Attachment$139.99
Griffin GR3 Lite Flat Sandwich J Cups$104.99
Griffin GR3 Lite 6″ or 12″ Weight Horns Pair$49.99

3×3 Tubing, 5/8″ Pegs

Rogue Monster Lite, Stray Dog Strength, Bells of Steel Hydra, Body Solid GPR400 / SPR500 / SPR1000*, Granite Fitness

* The Body Solid SPR1000 takes 5/8″ pegs facing the front/back, and 3/4″ pegs on the sides. Many of its attachments are made to fit the side holes, which are incompatible with any other racks.

Rogue Adjustable Monolift
Rogue Adjustable Monolift 2.0
uses side holes of tubing
Rogue Monster Lite Safety Straps Pair
fits 24″, 30″ or 43″ inside depth
Rogue Ghost Strong Roller J Cups Pair$195
Rogue Monster Lite J-Cups Pair
Rogue Monster Lite Sandwich J-Cups Pair
Rogue 24″ Monster Lite Safety Spotters Pair
Rogue Monster Lite 50 Cal Trolley & Lever Arm$975
Rogue Monster Lite Matador 
Rogue Monster Lite Velocidor$295
Mutant Metals Ultimate Dip Attachment$325
Rogue 12.5″ Monster Lite Storage Channel Pair
Rogue Monster Lite Landmine
Rogue Monster Lite Leg Roller
Rogue Battle Rope Anchor
MobilityWOD Roller
Rogue Monster Lite 5.75″ Change Plate Storage
Rogue Monster Lite Pritchett Pad$295
Rogue Wrenches
(15/16″ wrench fits head of 5/8″ bolt)
Bells of Steel Hydra J Cups Pair$69.99
Bells of Steel Hydra Lever Arms Pair$269.99
Bells of Steel Hydra Sliding Lever Arms Pair$549.99
Bells of Steel Hydra Roller J Cups Pair$89.99
Bells of Steel Hydra Sandwich J Cups Pair$89.99
Bells of Steel Hydra Strap Safeties Pair$167.98
Bells of Steel Hydra Spotter Arms Pair$149.99
Bells of Steel Hydra Dip Attachment$104.99
Bells of Steel Hydra Landmine$74.99
Bells of Steel Hydra 13″ Plate Pegs Pair$49.99
Bells of Steel Hydra Pin Plate Pegs Pair$49.99
Bells of Steel Hydra 12″ Quick-Install Plate Peg$29.99
Bells of Steel Hydra Change Plate Pegs$54.99
Stray Dog Strength Dip Attachment
Use code TWOREP10 for 10% off all Stray Dog Strength
Stray Dog Strength Change Plate Storage$89
Granite Fitness Spotter Arms 24″ Pair$149.90
Granite Fitness Landmine$69.90
Granite Fitness Dip Bars$119
Granite Fitness Weight Plate Holders 12.5″ Pair$49

Mark Buffalo wrote a guide on how to fit the Titan X-3 lat pulldown on a Rogue Monster Lite rack.

3×3 Tubing, 3/4″ Pegs

American Barbell power racks, EliteFTS Collegiate / R3

See the 3×3, 5/8″ section above for more attachments that will fit these racks well enough.

American Barbell Dip Bar
American Barbell Multi Use Pin$27
American Barbell 24″ Safety Spotters Pair$275
American Barbell 42″ Safety Spotters Pair$399
American Barbell Sandwich J Hooks Pair$195
American Barbell Rope Anchor$49
American Barbell Landmine Base$60

75x75mm Tubing, 25mm Pegs

Titan’s TITAN Series, Rep Fitness PR-5000, Vulcan Strength Racks (except Flat Base Power Rack), Griffin Fitness GR3, Giant Lifting 3X Series, Fringe Sport Osprey Power Cage, Fray Fitness Savage Series, Get Rx’d Goliath rack

Slightly smaller than 3″x3″, and pegs slightly smaller than 1″. Generally compatible with 3×3 racks. The attachments here with a locking pin using a second hole, such as spotter arms, can even sometimes fully fit on 3×3 racks because the smaller peg size somewhat makes the attachment drop a little lower and reach the slightly wider spaced hole to lock into.

There have been reports of Titan’s all-steel J-cups and UHMW-lined J-cups not fitting over 3×3 tubing.

Rep Iso Arms (Lever Arms) Pair$599.99
Rep Landmine
(fits any rack that takes 5/8″ or larger pegs)
Rep Strap Safeties Pair
fits 30″ or 41″ inside depth
Rep 24″ Spotter Arms Pair$209.99
Rep J-Cups Pair$79.99
Rep Lowered J-Cups Pair$79.99
Rep Flat Sandwich J Cups Pair
Rep Rounded Sandwich J Cups Pair$149.99
Giant 27″ Spotter Arms Pair
(use code TWOREP for 10% off any order at Giant Lifting)
Giant Dip Station$169.99
Giant Landmine$79.99
Griffin GR3 Y-Dip Attachment$159.99
Griffin GR3 Flat Sandwich J Cups Pair$145.99
Griffin GR3 Landmine$89.99
Griffin GR3 24″ Spotter Arms Pair$219.99
Griffin GR3 Safety Straps Pair
fits 30″ inside depth
Griffin GR3 6″ or 12″ Weight Horns Pair
fits 50mm hole spacing
Griffin GR3 Monolift$379.99
Titan Adjustable Lever Arms$349.99
Titan Adjustable Monolift $379.99
Titan 24″ Spotter Arms$269.99
Titan Y Dip Attachment
Titan Sandwich J Hooks Pair
Titan Roller J Hooks Pair$144.99
Titan Safety Straps Pair
fits 36″ and 42″ inside depth
Fringe Sport Osprey Safety Straps$159

3×3 Tubing, 1″ Pegs

Rogue Monster, Ethos Power Rack 1.0, Amstaff 370, Fringe 3×3 rig, Valor rig, Legend Fitness Performance Series, EliteFTS Scholastic Half Racks / Garage Power Racks, Sorinex XL Series, Bells of Steel Manticore, Bolt Fitness Storm Series, PRx Pro, Prime Prodigy, eliteFTS Quick Ship Power Rack, Inspire Fitness FPC1, Stray Dog Strength, Oak Club Manufacturing, Irwin Fitness

Rogue Adjustable Monolift
Rogue Adjustable Monolift 2.0
uses side holes of tubing
Rogue Monster Safety Straps
fits 24″, 30″ or 43″ inside depth
Rogue Ghost Strong Roller J Cups Pair$225
Rogue Monster J-Cups Pair
Rogue Monster Sandwich J Cups Pair
Rogue 24″ Monster Safety Spotters 2.0 Pair
Rogue Monster 50 Cal Trolley & Lever Arm$1,170
Rogue Monster Matador 
Rogue Monster Velocidor$295
Mutant Metals Ultimate Dip Attachment$325
Rogue 12.5″ Monster Plate Storage Pin
Rogue 13″ Monster Plate Storage Channel
Rogue Monster Landmine 2.0
Rogue Monster Leg Roller
Rogue Monster Articulating Handle Kit
(lever arms)
Rogue Monster Pritchett Pad$295
Rogue Wrenches
(1.5″ wrench fits head of 1″ bolt)
Fringe 22.5″ Spotter Arms Pair
Fringe J Cups Pair
Fringe Plate Storage
Stray Dog Strength Sandwich J Cups Pair
Use code TWOREP10 for 10% off all Stray Dog Strength
Stray Dog Strength Dip Attachment$220
Stray Dog Strength Change Plate Storage$89
PRx Pro 20″ Spotter Arms Pair$219.99
PRx Pro Dip Station$139.99

Universal Fit Attachments

For a high and low cable system that works on almost any power rack, see the Spud Inc Pulley System shown above.

If you only need a high pulley (for lat pulldowns and tricep pushdowns), see Giant Lifting’s pulley system for a much lower price.

This Rep Fitness dip attachment above fits on almost any rack with 1″ round safety bars (thanks Anthony!). The rack needs to have at least 21″ depth between the front and back uprights, which is the case for all freestanding racks and most floor-mounted racks except the most shallow ones. The rack’s hole spacing does not matter, as the bottom part of the attachment simply rests against wherever the lower safety bar is.

There are a couple solutions for power rack strap safeties if you can’t find a match. If you can get a brand of them with brackets that fit your rack but the straps are the wrong length, get two 2″ Stren-Flex slings of the right length to replace them with. They are extremely strong, with pertinent info labeled and a chart on that webpage with the pound ratings.

Your second option is a pair of Spud Inc suspension straps that hang off your rack’s top crossmembers.

Rear Rack Extension and Foot Stabilizer Fit

Multiple questions on this in the comments prompted me to add this section.

You generally can’t add a rear rack extension – usually to accommodate weight plate storage – made for a different brand. The height of the holes off the floor and the rack width would have to be precisely the same.

Similarly, with extension feet meant to stabilize a rack, even if the tubing size and peg size are a match, the holes would have to be precisely the same height off the floor, or they would float and defeat the purpose.

I have heard reports of people using these across brands, but in every case it seems the user made some modifications to make it work. If you found a case where they are perfectly compatible, please leave a comment!

General Recommendations

For the best compatibility going forward, I highly recommend getting a 3×3 rack taking 5/8″ pegs (Rogue Monster Lite compatible) or 1″ pegs (Rogue Monster compatible). Even you never buy a Rogue product, they lead the way in things like this.

Rogue appears to be in the beginning stages of abandoning their 2×3 racks in favor of 3×3. Other manufacturers have noticed and likely will follow suit. This doesn’t mean that nobody will make racks with 2×2 or 2×3 tubing. I believe that there will be a market for those lighter and cheaper racks for a long time, and they are not necessarily bad racks. The 3×3 attachments sell much better and are more numerous, because people who spend the extra money for a 3×3 rack are more likely to soup it up.

You might want to steer clear of racks that have metric sized tubing. That said, many people know what they’re getting into and choose to buy those.