As with all of our articles, we’re going by the FTC regulatory definition of “made in USA”, where all significant parts of the product are of US origin and all significant processing is done in the US.


Hammer Strength 12-Sided Urethane Dumbbells

urethane dumbbells made in usa
Head MaterialUrethane Coated
Handle32mm thick up to 27.5lb, 35mm thick 30lb and up
Sizes5-100lb in 5lb increments
Price$5-$24 / lb

Life Fitness owns the Hammer Strength brand.

Iron Grip Urethane Dumbbells

USA made urethane dumbbells
Head MaterialUrethane Coated
Handle38mm thick, 44mm thick, or Contoured
Sizes10-100lb? in 5lb increments
Priceby quote only

Iron Grip makes their urethane-coated dumbbells in their own US manufacturing facilities. The handles come in a choice of straight, contoured, or extra-thick straight. As shown in the pic, they offer custom logo engraving.

Their website does not have an online store, which is not because they’re old-fashioned but because they prefer to sell sets of weights to commercial and institutional buyers on a per-quote basis. You can certainly contact them to buy a set for your garage gym, if you can afford it. Normally I wouldn’t feature a company who is that difficult to buy from, but they have been around a long time and deserve a spot here.

Wright Octo Rubber Dumbbekouts where you’ll quickly drop them between exercises and where small weight increments don’t matter.

Cast Iron

Golden’s Cast Iron Dumbbells

USA made cast iron dumbbell
Head MaterialDuctile & grey iron
Handle28mm (5lb) to 32mm (50lb) thick, 5″ long, sand textured grip
Sizes5-50lb in 5lb increments

Golden’s is an old foundry in Baton Rouge, LA that made kamado grills and fire pits. In 2020 they began making dumbbells to address the gym equipment shortage.

Their pics show dumbbells up to 100lb, but so far they have only made up to 50lb.

MUTT Cast Iron Dumbbells

iron dumbbells made in usa
Head MaterialCast Iron
HandlePinched ergonomic shape
Sizes10-50lb in 10lb increments

A new company founded in 2021.

MUTT has made a dumbbell with unique ergonomically designed handles that are easier to hold firm in your hands and prevent unwanted rotation. They also claim it’s good for people with nerve compression issues in their hands.


Wright Precision Steel Dumbbells

Head MaterialSteel with Cerakote finish
Handle32mm thick, 5.5″ long
Sizes5-100lb in 5lb increments

Intek Steel Dumbbells

Head MaterialStainless steel (Delta) / raw steel (Kraft)
Handle32mm thick, 5.25″ long, knurled
Sizes5-200lb in 5lb increments, Delta also 2.5lb increments up to 52.5lb
PriceDelta by quote only, Kraft $2.30-$4.80/lb

Intek has 2 USA made dumbbell models. The Delta was the first and is made of stainless steel, with end caps that self-balance right side up.

The Kraft is their latest model, made with raw uncoated steel that will develop a patina over time like raw steel barbells. These are currently only available in large sets, not individual pairs.


PowerBlock USA Elite

PowerBlock USA made adjustable dumbbell
MaterialSteel, rubber & plastic
Handle33mm rubber coated
Sizes5-90lb in 5lb increments

PowerBlock has made adjustable dumbbells for many years. The USA Elite is their only USA-made model.

We have a comparison of PowerBlock dumbbells to other (non-USA made) adjustable dumbbells.

Rogue Dumbbell Handles

American made dumbbell handles
MaterialSteel & stainless steel
Handle28.5mm, zinc coated or e-coat
Overall Length20.5″ (DB-15) / 14.25″ (DB-10)

Rogue’s olympic dumbbell handles are quite expensive compared to Chinese made dumbbell handles, but they also are made with better materials and have a thicker handle than the typical 25mm (1″) handle on Chinese made ones.

The DB-15 is 20.5″ long, which is close to to typical 20″. The DB-10 is only 14.25″ long.

The DB-15 you can load to about 120lb each using the thinnest available 10lb iron plates, or even more with Rogue’s steel plates.

Micro Gainz Dumbbell Handles

USA made olympic dumbbell handles
Overall Length14.5″

Micro Gainz started up in 2020 making fractional plates as small as 1/4lb.

These 14.5″ handles are sold in pairs and are less than half the price of Rogue’s for a pair. They don’t have the premium construction features of Rogue like stainless steel sleeves or bronze bushings.

Ironmind Dumbbell Handles

adjustable dumbbells made in usa
Husky Olympic Handles
Big Boy Standard Handles
Handle50mm (Husky) or 35mm (Big Boy), 5.6″ long
Overall Length22″ (Husky), 24″ (Big Boy)
Price$420/pair (Husky), $460/pair (Big Boy)

Ironmind sells fat-grip olympic handles called the Husky, and standard handles called the Big Boy. They both come with two pairs of nice Bulldog collars.

Black Widow Thick Grip Dumbbell Handles

thick grip usa made dumbbell handles
Handle50mm, 5″ long
Overall Length21″

Black Widow Training Gear was founded in 2009 in a shed and now has a full facility in Holbrook, NY where they fabricate all kinds of unique strength equipment.

This is an extraordinarily low price for USA-made dumbbell handles, but note that they are 1-piece construction with non-rotating sleeves.

The Strength Co Dumbbell Handles

american made adjustable dumbbells
MaterialZinc coated steel
Handle28.5mm, 6″ long
Overall Length18 3/4″

The Strength Co started up in 2020. Their dumbbells look to be similar in quality and specs to Rogue, with bronze bushings and dual snap rings on each end.

Weight It Out Dumbbell Handles

usa made 16 inch dumbbell handle
Handle32mm, 5″ long
Overall Length16″
Price$220/pair (use code TWOREP for 5% off)

Weight It Out started up in 2020 and is best known for their clear-coated steel plates.

The shoulders on these handles (the part at the inside ends of the sleeves) are notably very thin, designed to let you load a little more weight than you can on other 16″ handles.

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