A Tour of Kyle’s New Garage Gym in Urbandale, Iowa

The garage gym we featured in March took up an [...]

Dumbbell Rack Comparison

Flat racks are made to fit dumbbells lined up in a row along the length of the rack. These are the most common type sold. They have 2 or 3 tiers, or shelves, to hold multiple rows of dumbbells. The shelves are angled down a little bit to facilitate easy access. These types of racks work well with any hex, 8-sided, or 12-sided dumbbells. The multiple sides on such dumbbells prevent them from rolling around, so the flat rack works great..

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How to Store Your Barbell to Avoid Damage

There has been debate over the years on whether storing your bar in a "vertical" bar rack, with either end pointed toward the floor and ceiling, is bad for the bar, and whether it's necessary or prudent to store bars in a horizontal rack instead, similar to a gun rack.

In this article we go over the different types of bars, the issues that can come up when you store them in certain ways, and the best way to keep them in tip-top shape by storing them correctly.

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