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A Tour of Kyle’s New Garage Gym in Urbandale, Iowa

The garage gym we featured in March took up an [...]

The Best Flat Weight Benches for Barbell or Dumbbell Work

These flat utility benches are meant for use either with dumbbells or with a separate rack/cage. The advantage of such a bench over a weight bench with an attached rack is the ability to move the bench out to do dumbbell work or to get the bench out of the way to do squats and other exercises with the rack.

Dumbbell Bench vs Barbell Bench

Barbell Benches
Bench press exercises with a barbell or dumbbells are performed a little differently due to differing hand placement and range of motion. But if you had to choose, which one is better? If you're setting up a new home gym and only have room for one bench or the other (or enough money for one), which should you choose? Let's go aover the advantages of either one. This includes the advantage of the bench and the exercise itself.
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