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American Barbell

American Barbell was the first weight equipment company to come out with cerakote bars in 2017, the first of which I believe was their Cerakote Training Bar.

Power Rack Attachments & Compatibility – 2020 Master List

You get a hold of a great power rack or [...]

The Best Flat Weight Benches for Barbell or Dumbbell Work

These flat utility benches are meant for use either with dumbbells or with a separate rack/cage. The advantage of such a bench over a weight bench with an attached rack is the ability to move the bench out to do dumbbell work or to get the bench out of the way to do squats and other exercises with the rack.

The Best Deep-Bite Powerlifting Bars – Ohio Power Bar and Others (Updated 2020)

This guide is specifically for powerlifting bars for doing deadlift, [...]

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