If you have a bathroom scale available, the easiest way to know for sure is to simply weigh the curl bar, either by holding it up carefully on its edge or by weighing yourself with and without the bar in your hands.

When you have no scale of any kind, there are some ways for you to estimate the weight of this handy piece of gym equipment.

Weight of Olympic Curl Bars

This kind is called olympic because it has the larger 2″ diameter rotating sleeves that take weight plates with 2″ holes. See the next section for standard curl bars that look much different.

Let’s go over a few models in order from the lightest to heaviest. The easiest way to estimate the weight of a curl bar is by its total length, which you can estimate by standing it up on its end next to you (since you know your own height).

Ez bar weight

The above is a typical 14 lb EZ curl bar. There are more of these than any other kind floating around. It’s 47″ long overall and has 6.5″ sleeves to load plates on and a thin 25mm shaft. Many of them come from the same factory in China. A curl bar sitting on a preacher curl bench at a gym is most likely one of these.

How much does an ez bar weigh

The Synergee curl bar above is 19 lbs, with the few extra pounds over the previous one being due to a thicker 28mm shaft that makes for a better grip. Otherwise the dimensions are similar.

olympic Ez curl bar weight
30 lb Rogue curl bar

The above is a heavier and longer curl bar, the Rogue 54″ (or 4.5′) curl bar weighing 30 lbs. It has longer sleeves that will hold more plates, putting its overall length at 54.5″, and it has a thicker 28.5mm shaft.

It also is better quality than a typical curl bar. Rogue put knurling over the entire shaft, with the exception of the very middle to protect the front of your neck. This is in contrast to most other manufacturers who cheap out and knurl only some portions of the shaft near the bends.

rackable curl bar weight
Preacher curl bar weight

The Rep Fitness rackable curl bar above is 35 lbs. It’s extra long at over 6ft, with a shaft (the part you grip) over 4ft long between the sleeves to fit on a power rack as above. The weight increase here is due to both the longer curled shaft and longer sleeves.

These 6ft bars are easy to identify because of their length. While it’s lying down its length might not be obvious, so stand it up on its end next to you and you can judge its length easily based on your own height.

Weight of Standard EZ Curl Bars

A standard EZ curl bar, like all other standard bars, has non-rotating ends that are the same 1″ diameter as the middle shaft portion, made to take standard weight plates with 1.1″ holes.

how much does a standard EZ bar weigh
14 lb standard curl bar

This standard EZ curl bar weighs 11 lbs, which is pretty typical. If you look closely you’ll see that the ends are threaded, with spin-lock collars to hold plates on. There is not a lot of variety in standard curl bars, due to the smaller market. These used to be more common in home gyms. Everyone has been moving towards olympic sized weights for years, and standard weights are becoming harder to find.