Manufacturers are still trying to catch up with demand from everyone at home who can’t go to their regular gym anymore.

Some conditioning equipment or functional training equipment is easy to find: sleds, weight vests, medicine balls, resistance bands… It’s the staple weight lifting equipment like barbells, weights, benches and racks that are badly sold out.

A few hot things in stock right now… No promises that they’ll last past today!

Rogue frequently has stuff back in stock, because make a lot of equipment in-house in their huge facility. You have to keep checking and be quick. Rogue has an “in stock” filter in each category, which is not accurate to the minute but it helps you narrow things down better.

dateback in stock
late MayRep Fitness is expecting Rubber Hex Dumbbells, some Barbells, and Bumper Plates.
early JuneIronmaster will have the Super Bench Pro in stock.
mid JuneBells of Steel’s Black Bumper Plates will be back in stock.

Rep Fitness is expecting Iron Plates and more Barbells.
Most stores are expecting more stuff in late June or July, but right now I’m not listing things that are more than a month away. They could be pushed back further.

New Wim Hof Videos

No equipment needed to do this!

Here are a couple good recent videos “The Iceman” Wim Hof put out. A short inspiring message about the coronavirus, and the second one is his famous guided breathing technique.

He has talked for years about the effects of his methods on the immune system. It happens to be particularly relevant right now. Yet, in the midst of a health crisis, most of the media does not talk about how to have a good immune system. Strange, isn’t it?