Nov 28, 2022 (Cyber Monday) – updated Rubber Flooring Inc sale, featured Kabuki Kadillac Bar & Plate Carrier at Rogue, Hydra rack deal at Bells of Steel, F85 adjustable bench at Giant Lifting, plate-loaded functional trainer at Titan Fitness

Nov 26,2022 – added Inspire Fitness, featured Bells of Steel Reverse Hammer

Nov 25, 2022 (Black Friday) – featured elitefts SS Yoke Bar, Ironmaster dumbbells, added Kabuki Strength, updated FringeSport, Fitness Factory, Titan Fitness, Rubber Flooring Inc

Nov 23, 2022 – added Texas Power Bars, Synergee, TRX, featured Rogue Echo bumpers

Nov 22, 2022 – added Weight It Out, Dick’s Sporting Goods, updated Freedom Fitness Equipment

Highlights by Equipment Category

Dumbbells15% off ($1.20/lb) rubber dumbbells at Giant Lifting
Rubber Gym Flooring35% off storewide at Rubber Flooring Inc with code CYBERWEEK
Plates & BumpersHundo Pricing on Rogue Echo Bumpers

15% off steel plates at Weight It Out

15% off contrast bumpers at Giant Lifting
Barbells45% off Hammer Strength power bar

$100 off Iron Cowboy Power Bar at elitefts

20% off Synergee Games Barbell
Racks10% off racks at Rogue

15% off rack attachments at Griffin Fitness

Order a rack and get 10% off everything else at Bells of Steel with code HYDRA

15% off racks and rack accessories at Giant Lifting
Specialty Bars$75 off Kabuki Kadillac Bar at Rogue

$100 off SS Yoke Bar at elitefts

20% off open hex bar at Bells of Steel

10% off safety squat bar at Titan Fitness
Benches16% off adjustable bench at Giant Lifting

10-15% off benches at Rep Fitness

15% off flat & adjustable benches at Griffin Fitness
Conditioning11% off Rogue Plate Carrier

15-20% off sandbag trainers and weighted vests at Brute Force

Hundo Pricing on kettlebells at Rogue

BOGO 50% off med balls at Again Faster
Weight Machines13% off plate-loaded functional trainer at Titan Fitness

15% off Reverse Hammer (reverse hyper & GHD combo) at Bells of Steel

10% off Westside Scout Hyper at Rogue

Up to 40% off machines at Life Fitness

7-50% off used machines at Freedom Fitness Equipment + use code TWOREP for an extra 5% off
Cardio Machines$300 off Peloton bike at Dick’s Sporting Goods

Up to 50% off cardio at Life Fitness

15-20% off Max Trainers, bikes, treadmills at Bowflex

Up to 50% off cardio machines at Freedom Fitness Equipment
Accessories10-20% off lifting belts at Rogue

Current Black November Sales


Pull the trigger on a deal ASAP or you’ll miss it, due to depleted stock, shifting deals, or crashed sites due to traffic spikes.

Rogue Fitness


Rogue is the icon in the functional training / Crossfit equipment industry. They have built a reputation based on outstanding customer service, leading-edge high-quality products, sponsoring the Crossfit Games and being active in the fitness community.

Rogue is running a Matte Black November sale with Hot Deals, Hundo Pricing on qualifying quantities of weights, $5 shipping, and dumbbells at only $1/lb.

Bells of Steel

Bells of Steel started out producing only kettlebells in Canada and has since expanded to serving the US market with loads of powerlifting-oriented equipment.

Black November sale is on!

Giant Lifting

A new company established in 2020.

15% off racks and rack accessories, and a deal of the day on other items.

Rubber Flooring Inc

This company offers a good selection of different sizes and thicknesses of rubber gym flooring, including small quantities of stall mats for reasonable shipping.

25% off entire store

rubber gym flooring black friday

Torque Fitness

Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness began in 2013 as a new brand of Titan Distributors. They have some of the lowest priced equipment on the market, and after their first shaky year the quality of the equipment has vastly improved.

They are best known for their variety of low-priced power racks.

Black Friday on now! See their weight machines, specialty bars, and racks.

Rep Fitness

Rep Fitness started selling equipment in 2012. They produce gym equipment that is very similar in quality to Rogue, at a slightly lower price.

Benches on sale!

Wright Equipment

A well-established equipment supplier. They were one of the first companies to sell bumper plates online many years back, and they have since expanded to a full selection of equipment.

Black Friday deals are on!

Griffin Fitness

Founded in 2020. Their power racks are compatible with Rogue Monster.

15% off EVERYTHING site wide!


Ironmaster makes the popular Quick-Lock dumbbells that can be expanded to to 165 lbs per hand and are among the most durable adjustable dumbbells on the market. They also have some good benches and other equipment.

20% off everything!


Freedom Fitness Equipment

Specializing in selling lightly used high-quality equipment from Hammer Strength, Cybex, and other brands. They have some new equipment also.

Sale is on! Plus use code TWOREP for an extra 5% off.

Vulcan Strength

Vulcan Strength started in 2009 in Charlotte, NC. In early 2016 when the prominent MuscleDriver USA shut down nearby, many of the folks came over to work for Vulcan.

10-40% off some items, and an additional 8-15% off based on your cart size!



The founder of elitefts, Dave Tate, started the company in 1998 and has been into strength training since the 1970s.

Sales are on!


Free Patriot Barbell with purchase of any All-In-One Trainer!


Fringe offers a 365-day 100% guarantee on everything they sell. They even pay to ship it back in the first 45 days.

Sales are on!


Black Friday sale is on!

Again Faster

Black Friday sale is on!

Kabuki Strength

Kabuki Strength is a relative newcomer to the scene and has some interesting products.

Sale is on! Save on bars and equipment.

Texas Power Bars

Also known as Capps Welding. They have been making the Texas Power Bar and other Texas bars at their shop in Irving, TX since 1980. Their USA made power bars are known for their aggressive mountain-style knurling.

Up to $100 off bars!

Inspire Fitness

20% off everything. Specializing in functional trainers and multi-gyms.


Black Friday sale is on, including SelectTech dumbbells and cardio machines.

Fitness Factory / Body Solid

Fitness Factory is the name of Body Solid’s online store and physical stores around Chicago. Body Solid has been around for decades making home and commercial grade gym equipment and accessories.

Sale is on! Home gyms, weight sets, power racks, cardio machines and benches.

Get Rx’d

Based in Houston, TX.

Vesta Fitness

A new company based out of California that started in 2021.

30% off the entire store!

Life Fitness

Life Fitness is known for their high-end ellipticals, treadmills, exercise bikes, and even some weight machines.

Sale is on! Up to 50% off cardio and strength equipment.

Iron Bull Strength

A company that doesn’t get as much attention as some, but they’ve been around for several years. They have a selection of bars, weights, racks, etc. Their prices are towards the expensive end of the scale.

Sale is live!

Weight It Out

A small company specializing in steel weight plates with a unique clear coat to preserve the raw steel look.

15% off this month!

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Black Friday sale is on!


TRX is the well-known suspension trainer that utilizes your body weight for hundreds of exercises. You can find them in gyms across the country.

Black Friday sale is on!


See Amazon’s Exercise & Fitness category with active deals.


Aviron makes a heavy duty, high-tech rower in competition with Concept2’s popular rower.

Join their newsletter and get $300 off a rower!

Brute Force

Under new ownership in 2021. Makers of high quality sandbags, and a few other things like kettlebells and weighted vests.

Sandbags and weighted vests 15-20% off!


While Onnit is mostly known for their supplements, they have some unique kettlebell designs and other interesting fitness equipment.

10% off kettlebells, sandbags, and other fitness items

Possible Black Friday Sales

These stores have not started a BF sale yet.

American Barbell

American Barbell

American Barbell is known for their high quality equipment that is on par with Rogue.

(awaiting Black Friday sale for 2022)

Grey Man Gear

(awaiting Black Friday sale for 2022)



Christian’s Fitness Factory has been selling a full range of fitness equipment for many years and has a reputation for excellent customer service.

(awaiting Black Friday sale for 2022)


(awaiting Black Friday sale for 2022)