Two Rep Cave, formerly the Adamant Barbell Blog, aims to be the best gym equipment evaluation website on the planet.

Our writers get a hold of the latest gym equipment, and our favorite equipment gets a detailed hands-on review to show you exactly what the product is like to own and use.

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Our founder, David Kiesling has been around weights and conditioning equipment since he was a teenager. We began with an online gym equipment store, Adamant Barbell, in 2007. Customers liked our buying guides so much that we thought, hey, we should write more of these, and on not just the equipment we sell, but on all the best stuff out there!

Our team of writers bring additional experience to the table, with different backgrounds in powerlifting, weightlifting,  bodybuilding. and other fitness disciplines, as well as experience in training clients. All of them have been around gym equipment enough to have valuable expertise as a member of our team.