Rep Fitness Safety Strap Brackets for Power Rack

Recall issued February 11, 2021

power rack safety strap bracket safety recall filed with the Consumer Product Safety Commission

The brackets for the optional safety straps for the PR-4000 and PR-5000 power racks are missing a couple of welds.

The nylon straps themselves are fine. Titan Fitness had an issue a few years back with bad stitching on their straps. This recall is only for the straps’ steel brackets that attach to the rack uprights. Basically, the welds are done on both sides of all connecting points, and the affected units sold in the back half of 2020 are missing a weld on one side of a couple points, affecting the strength of the bracket.

You don’t want to be underneath this.

Full info on the affected dates of purchase and replacement instructions are on Rep’s site.

It’s important to note here that while Rep’s products are higher quality than some competitors, they are made in China, where it’s harder for American companies to closely oversee quality and consistency.

See the USA made equipment list and power rack attachments compatibility list. I’ll see what I can do about noting specifically USA-made rack attachments, but right now there are several I can tell you offhand: Rogue, elitefts, Legend Fitness, Wright Equipment, Sorinex, and Stray Dog Strength.

Bowflex SelectTech Barbells

Recall issued Feb 10, 2021

Recalled adjustable barbell system

The recall is for the 5ft long SelectTech barbell that adjusts from 20-80 lbs and is meant for cardio workouts and light lifting. The bar doesn’t hold onto the weights as well as it could, leading to a weight possibly falling off. They’re providing a kit of modified parts to customers to make it secure.

See this PDF from Bowflex with recall info. It sounds like it affects all units sold to date, not just a defective batch.

The SelectTech dumbbells use a different set of parts, and this recall does not apply. Even so, they are not the best adjustable dumbbells made, only a big brand. See where I compared them with the (really good) Ironmaster dumbbells and others.

Sorry for being a few weeks late with this notice! The Rep safety straps are listed in the big power rack attachments article, and I should have been more on the ball with helping to get the word out. I’m looking into keeping better tabs on recalls so that I can be more timely. Luckily these gym equipment recalls are fairly rare, and customers with correct contact info will have been contacted by the companies already.