Here’s what you can get now and what the next few weeks looks like. Some things have been restocked the last few weeks and sold out very quickly.

dateback in stock
in stock nowThe Rogue SML-1 squat stand is in stock!

American Barbell has lots of closeout bars and plates still available.

Bells of Steel restocked their straight barbells, and they were gone by the time I checked. They still have a small number of specialty bars like hex bars, curl bars, safety squat bars, and Swiss bars.

FringeSport has medicine balls, weight vests, women’s 15kg bars, prowler sleds, and some small stuff.

American Fitness is reportedly taking orders for Troy plates, with a $1000 minimum.

Dynamic Fitness and Strength, a new company I know nothing about, is shipping squat racks.

Rubber Flooring Inc has plenty of rubber mats and rolls in stock if you’re in need of gym flooring.

Suspension trainers (similar to TRX) are in stock on Amazon.
any day nowFringeSport, according to their restocking timeline, will soon be restocked with color bumpers and weight benches.
Apr 27thRep Fitness is closed with a large backlog and is reopening on April 27th. At that point they should have bumper plates, iron plates, dumbbells, functional trainers and kettlebells in stock.
late April to early MayBells of Steel will enable their Garage Gym Builder, basically a build-your-own-package thing that includes a minimum of a rack, bar, and bench. They’re saving much of their stock of bars for this. Later in May (below) they’ll let you buy more things individually.
May 11thBells of Steel expects to have more racks, bars, specialty bars, benches, weight plates, and most other things.
mid MayFringeSport will have Savage bumpers and competition bumpers.

Rogue should have a lot more of everything made by this time as they gradually return to full production. People are frequently reporting buying racks, bars and other items before they run out quickly. Thankfully they have an “in stock” filter in each category now, which is not accurate to the minute but at least it helps you narrow things down better.

Everyone else is out of most stuff until late May or as late as June or July.