This is a real guide, from a guy who lifts weights, telling you what a lot of us would like. There are a thousand gift guides like this on the internet. 99% of them are nonsense, written by people who have no idea what they’re talking about and just go by “hot sellers” on Amazon.

Don’t get him the latest hot fitness gadget. Most are junk products that last a short time and then disappear once people figure out it was more about good marketing than happy owners.

Side Note: The term ‘weightlifter’ properly means someone who is into the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. In this article I’m instead using the term as most people would, just meaning someone who lifts weights.

Here are a few specific products that I can tell you would have a high success rate as gifts…

Leather Lifting Belt

As weightlifting/powerlifting belts go, there are cheap belts, and then there are good belts. Buy a cheap belt on Amazon as a gift and the recipient will be hinting to you to never to buy them gym related gear ever again.

The Inzer Forever 13mm Buckle Belt (about $110) is the one to give as a premium quality gift.

Gift idea: Leather weightlifting belt

I’m pointing you to this specific belt because it’s a respected brand, 13mm thick, genuine leather, is fully stitched (NO glue at all), has suede coverings inside and out, is made in the USA, and has a lifetime warranty.

Inzer is a highly regarded brand in the lifting community. They make some of the best belts out there.

A belt is a safety device. This isn’t something to cheap out on. Around $100 is what you should be paying for a belt like this.

Don’t get the lever version of the belt. Levers have less tolerance in sizing and could also open open. A double-prong buckle is unnecessary and more difficult to use. A single prog buckle like the belt I recommend, when made very well, is easily the right choice.

Lifting Chalk

Lifters doing deadlifts or cleans go through chalk. It keeps their hands dry to give them the best grip on the barbell. They will need more of it.

Some of the best gifts are an already-used consumable item. Maybe not super exciting, but it for sure won’t be re-gifted.

Don’t get chalk powder like you would for a rock climber!

Gym chalk comes in blocks he can rub on his hands. If he wants to, he can easily break it into powder. But give him the choice.

Rogue Fitness is a major supplier of premium quality chalk. A one-pound box contains 8 blocks that will last for months.

Gift idea: Plenty of chalk for gripping his barbell

The other option is this stuff called liquid chalk or liquid grip. Regular chalk works if you’ve got a garage gym like Kyle but it does make a mess. Liquid chalk is a no-mess alternative that dries quickly on the hands and doesn’t go all over the floor and equipment. Serious gym rats have used this stuff and have high praise for it.

Gift idea: Liquid chalk for a mess-free solution to barbell lifting with a good grip.
Liquid Grip is a good brand of liquid chalk. An 8oz bottle will last a while.

Workout Shirt

Nobody has enough t-shirts, that I can tell you. T-shirts tear, get sweat-stained, and people just get tired of wearing the same old shirt.

T-shirts are a timeless gift idea for gym rats

This particular t-shirt caught my eye. Alternatively, browse Amazon’s weight lifting shirts for men and find something else that other buyers seem to like.

Deep Tissue Massage or Sports Massage

A 60 minute deep-tissue massage relieves tense muscles like nothing else.

This is pretty easy to shop for. Find a local massage therapist with good reviews and offers gift certificates or (particularly if he’s married and you don’t want to cause problems) spend a little more and buy a gift certificate for a massage at a nice spa.

Most men highly prefer a female massage therapist. It’s not a sexual thing so much as they would feel weird about getting a long massage from another guy. On the other hand, a male athletes with a lot of muscle may prefer a male therapist who is strong enough to apply enough pressure.

On the other hand, if he has an old nagging injury, large or small, and isn’t already on a plan to get it back to 100%, get him a sports massage. This differs from deep tissue in that the therapist has more medical knowledge and works more specifically on the muscles in question in the right way. In contrast to deep tissue, he may prefer a male therapist for this who will understand male athletes and injuries better.

Magnetic Barbell Collars

This one applies to only people who work out at home. He won’t want to bother bringing these to the gym downtown.

Let me explain this one a bit…

Collars go on the end of a barbell to hold the plates on. There’s lots of good collars. He already has a pair.

But these are the first magnetic collars.

Magnetic barbell collars make a unique gift

What happens with collars is they get set on something or dropped on the floor while he loads the plates on the barbell. Then he looks around for where he put them, or steps on them, or bangs his head on the barbell after he leans over to pick them up.

The trick with these is the magnet sticks right onto the rack that he’s doing squats or presses in, or any other steel gym equipment. They’re ready right there to grab when he finishes loading plates. They stay handy there between workouts. He’ll never have to look for the collars again.

Sand Bag

Workout sand bags are the ultimate travel and convenience gift.

Weight lifters love to be able to keep training somehow when they’re on vacation. Barbells are scarce in some places. It’s frustrating for a person regularly lifting weights to have to take time away and suffer a setback in training.

Or when they can’t make it to the gym today, a sand bag is versatile enough to use for a good workout. Sand bags are so awkward to lift and can be lifted, carried, or thrown around in so many ways.

A sand bag includes an outer shell with multiple inner bags to fill. Fill them up with whatever sand, dirt or pebbles you can get a hold of at your destination, and you’re good to train!

The medium size of the Rep Fitness sandbag is ideal for most people, to accommodate a range of conditioning workouts. Females or anyone who is more into cardio training might do well with the small, and very strong guys could make use of the larger sizes.

We also did a video comparison of the Fringe and Rogue sandbags.

Sand bags are more of a conditioning training item, not doing just a few reps for a max lift like he would be doing with a barbell. Still, this kind of workout is essential for any weight lifter to stay healthy, loose, and maintain muscle mass while not lifting heavy.

Magnetic Phone Mount

Like the magnetic collars further above, this is ideal for anyone with a power rack, or perhaps a dumbbell rack or any other convenient metal surface.

There are very few safe places to keep your phone at the gym, and even fewer where you can stick it and see the screen. This makes it possible.

Rogue Fitness Gift Card

Rogue sells physical gift cards and e-gift cards

Rogue is the biggest online store out there for really good gym equipment and gear. They dominate the market and have been growing every year for the last 12 years.

If he doesn’t already shop at Rogue, it’s because Rogue’s prices are a bit higher than competitors. He will be stoked to get a Rogue gift card. There’s zero chance that he doesn’t already have something in mind.