When it comes to CrossFit there is no shortage of hot single bodies looking to mix and mingle. Many people roll into the CrossFit gym as couples and build stronger relationships by training together. However, if you are single, here is a guide to CrossFit dating.

Use this guide with caution…

The Girl Next Door

This girl is cute humble and comes into the gym with the sweetest smile you have seen. After a few months of CrossFit her body has gone from good to great. Yet, despite her good looks she maintains an awesome personality that lacks any signs of arrogance. She can fit in as one of the guys but also feels comfortable with a group of girls. She is self-confident, fun to be around and generally easy going.

Clothing style Look for her in fashionable clothing that show off her great figure but still leave something to the imagination.

Who She is looking to meet – The girl next door will typically date either Good Guy Greg or The Ultra-Athlete (male). However, after a few too many “paleo” shots of tequila she may be tempted to hookup with The Abdominal BroMan. That being said, a relationship is unlikely to last with The BroMan.

The Ultra-Athlete (Male)

Ladies, this guy came here to train and he is more interested in improving his Fran time than checking out your snatch. Don’t expect him to be the most shredded guy in the gym because to him performance far outweighs looks. Dating The Male Athlete involves many conversations about CrossFit, WOD times, and the most efficient way to do a burpee. While he may do something other than CrossFit in his spare time, chances are you won’t hear about it.

Clothing Style – Whatever is functional.

Who is He looking to meet – Typically the male Ultra-Athlete is looking to date The Female Ultra-Athlete. However, he may date The Girl Next Door assuming she has a sub 5 min Fran time (as Rxed of course).

Good Guy Greg

Good Guy Greg is an all around nice guy. Much like the Girl Next Door he is in good shape but doesn’t let that shape his personality in a negative way. Typically looking for a girlfriend or something serious its rare to find Good Guy Greg looking for a hookup. He is a positive influence in the gym and well liked due to his easygoing yet hard working nature. Good Guy Greg is well versed on subjects both inside and outside the gym.

Clothing Style – Look for him in matching outfits that don’t include overly tight t-shirts. Good Guy Greg may be found to have his shirt off in WODs but rarely is he the first man in the crew to go topless.

Who he is looking to meet – Good Guy Greg is typically looking to date The Girl Next Door.

Ultra-Athlete (Female)


Guys this girl is focused on her training and not looking for a hook up. She is here to turn her body into a well-oiled CrossFit machine capable of amazing feats of strength and endurance. Much like the male Ultra-Athlete she will certainly have a good body, but don’t expect looks to be her top priority. She prefers squats to shopping and loves cleaning, but only with a barbell.

Clothing Style – Inov-8s and oly shoes.

Who She is looking to meet – Typically she likes to date an Ultra-Athlete (Male) or occasionally the Abdominal BroMan.

The Lulu-lemonDrop

This girl is decked out head-to-toe in matching (and expensive) workout gear. She looks good and she knows it. But don’t kid yourself fellas, just because she looks good doesn’t mean she isn’t wicked smart outside the gym. A Lululemon-drop can easily be a doctor, lawyer, or business owner during her non-CrossFit hours. While she eats pretty clean she isn’t afraid to take down a few dirty martinis at the bar after a WOD.

Clothing Style – Lululemon in the gym, Louis Vuitton outside the gym.

Who she is looking to meet- The Lemondrop is going to best match up with The Abdominal BroMan as they both look good and know it. Additionally, she also may be attracted to The Ultra-Athlete (male).

The Abdominal BroMan


This guy has abs for days and is the first to take his shirt off when walking into the gym (assuming he even brought a shirt with him). Despite appearing to not own a shirt that is comfortable enough to wear for more than five minutes inside the gym, The BroMan will always be sporting shirts costing no less than $100 when seen at the office, bars and clubs. This guy isn’t necessarily a bad guy, and while some Bromen are looking for hookups don’t rule him out for a relationship.

Clothing Style – No shirt in gym… Burberry Shirt outside gym.

Who he is looking to meet – He works best in relationships with Lemondrops, and PartyFit. Nevertheless, he might take the occasional shot at The Girl Next Door.

PartyFit Chick

Ready for a party at a moments notice, this girl is down to Crossfit hard and Party Harder. She is single and wants to meet a guy who is good looking, fun to be around and has an outgoing personality in the gym and at the club. If you want to date a PartyFit you better be ready for late nights at the bars followed by early morning wods. Partyfits are typically just like one of the guys, however, there may be some friction at times between PartyFit and The Girl Next Door.

Clothing Style – The shortest booty shorts you have ever seen in public.

Who she is looking to meet – PartyFit will best match up in a relationship with Broman but may be attracted to the Ultra-Athlete (male). However, a relationship with the Ultra-Athlete (male) is highly unlikely.

The Creep

After only a few weeks in the gym this guy will be shaving reps during WODs, writing fake times on the board, Facebook friending everyone’s girlfriend and generally being a creep. This guy typically doesn’t last long in the CrossFit community before being asked to leave.

Clothing Style – Ed Hardy

Who he is looking to meet –Your Sister, Mom or Girlfriend

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