Don’t let your desk job wear you down!

Crossfitter and Youtuber Tim Harron just put out a nice series of videos for those of us sitting at desk jobs all day. Thankfully I currently can split up my time doing different things and don’t have an obligation to be sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day with brief breaks. But believe me, I know the deal – I had a job sitting at a computer desk all day, with almost no legitimate reason to stand up to do anything but take a break.

To reverse the effects of a long day at the desk, we have to loosen up our hips, hamstrings, and lower and upper back. All kinds of spots in those areas can stay tight and cause pain, mess up our posture, and cause more problems.

To do all the movements in these videos, get the below. You don’t need them all. You can use a tennis ball instead of lacrosse ball. Just watch the videos, do what you can, and if a movement looks appealing then get the tools you need.

The first video is 3 movements targeting your hamstrings. You need a resistance band for the first two, and for the third movement some kind of hard bench, chair or plyo box, and a lacrosse ball.

The next video targets your hips.

Starting at 1:04, to clarify, you want to position the ball in your soft tissue, not against your pelvis or rib cage, but between them. Most of the  discomfort comes when you breathe in. Really try to inhale “into” that area, focusing your attention on that area as you let the ball sink deep into the tissue and stretch it out. You want to find a spot that’s uncomfortable. That’s where the benefit comes.

And finally, this video targets the upper back, including your spine and shoulder blade areas. These types of movements are my favorite. I do at least one of them almost daily.

Personally I get spots all around my upper back and shoulder area.

One way I know I’m hitting the right spot is by hitting trigger points, where you feel a nervy pain in a different area. For example, I hit a spot shoulder blade and I’ll feel the pain down my arm, or in another spot in my back. Keep hitting the area until the pain goes away, or even longer for good measure. There’s a whole science behind trigger point therapy.

Prevention is even better, of course. Don’t sit hunched over. Sit with the same posture you use while lifting. 

Also see Nerd Fitness’s guide on how to best use a foam roller.

How about you? What do else you like to do reverse the effects of sitting all day?