These all-in-one weight machines, or home gym machines, are complete solutions for a home or commercial gym. They are also sometimes called “universal” weight machines, which comes from a brand name, Universal, from decades ago that made its way into generic use.

Most of these machines include weight stacks, which make them a complete solution for someone who is starting with no equipment whatsoever. One thing you might want to add is a few cable attachments for additional exercises, but at least a couple attachments come with every machine. Further details on the specs are explained below.

If you’re purchasing more than one weight machine, such as for a school or commercial facility, contact us for a quote.




Model Grade


Resistance Type Max Resistance Leg Press Price
Best Fitness BFMG20 Home 1 Selectorized 150lb No  
Powerline BSG10X Home 1 Selectorized 160lb Optional  
Powerline P1X Home 1 Selectorized 210lb Optional  
Powerline P2X Home 1 Selectorized 210lb Optional  
Powerline PHG1000X Home 1 Selectorized / Freeweight 270lb Freeweight / 150lb Selectorized No  
Body Solid SBL460P4 Commercial 3 Freeweight None Squat  
Body Solid G10B Commercial 2 Selectorized 260lb (2), 520lb Leg Press Optional  
Body Solid G4I Commercial 1 Selectorized 210lb Optional  
Body Solid EXM1500S Home 1 Selectorized 160lb No  
Body Solid EXM3000LPS Commercial 2-3 Selectorized 210lb (2), 420lb Leg Press Yes  
Body Solid EXM4000S Commercial 3-4 Selectorized 210lb (3), 420lb Leg Press Optional  
BodyCraft Galena Pro Commercial 1 Selectorized 200lb, 300lb Leg Press Optional  
BodyCraft K1 Commercial 1 Selectorized 400lb Optional  
BodyCraft K2.1 Commercial 2 Selectorized 400lb Squat/Press, 200lb Functional Trainer Optional  
BodyCraft PFT v2 Commercial 1 Selectorized 210lb (2) Squat  
BodyCraft Xpress Pro Commercial 1 Selectorized 200lb, 400lb Leg Press Optional  
BodyCraft X2 Commercial 2 Selectorized 200lb (2), 400lb Leg Press Yes  
BodyCraft X4 Commercial 4 Selectorized 200lb (4), 400lb Leg Press Yes  



  • Home Grade – Usually 14 gauge, 2″x2″ steel tubing. Moving parts are usually made with bushings, so you can sense some friction, particularly with cable exercises because the carriage rubs against the guide rods all the way up, and it gets worse with time. The pulleys are usually nylon or plastic, which adds friction too, especially once they get worn. The seat pads may not be very firm or thick.
  • Commercial Grade – Usually 11 or 12 gauge, 2″x3″ or 3″x3″ steel tubing. Moving parts are often made with bearings for smoother low-friction movement, and with a little oil they can function like new for a very long time. The pulleys are usually aluminum, which won’t wear like plastic. The seat pads are thick and firm. The frame is very stable, and things don’t wobble around. These machines are meant to last through daily use for many years.

Max Users – The maximum number of simultaneous users.

Resistance Type – Selectorized weights are the easy pin-select type with rectangular plates stacked on top of each other and numbered by weight. Freeweight refers to a machine that uses the round weight plates also used on barbells, so on these machines you’ll need to slide your weight plates (not included) on and off the machines, and because of this versatility you can potentially load them heavier than selectorized systems.

Max Resistance – This includes any optional upgrade. The leg press on some machines has a feature that doubles the resistance.

Leg Press – Everyone wants a leg press, so we’ve listed it. Some machines come with it standard, and on others you have to pay for the option. Some machines have a standing squat station instead of a seated leg press.