BodyCraft makes a very limited array of equipment. Their F430 power rack is one of their pieces of equipment that has been around for several years.

This is a collection of the best reviews I found around the web for this rack. Some “reviews” are just articles listing the features, written by people who have never seen the rack in person. The below are the best ones I found where the people owned and took pictures of their assembled rack in their own workout area.

First, Amazon has a bunch of reviews on the F430 rack by verified buyers (who are writing the review under the same account they bought it under on Amazon).

“The F430 is built like a tank, easy to adjust and is well built and very solid. You will not need to buy another power rack. This one has a lifetime warranty and I can believe it will last that long. My wife loves using it.”

– Stephen G. Bernard, New Hampshire

“I would buy this rack again without hesitation. It is solid (not a rickety death trap) has high quality components, and a high quality finish. It should last a home owner for decades. I think it works better and has better ergonomics (slightly narrower and deeper)than power racks found at many commercial gyms. This is especially beneficial for squatting. It’s also not super tall, about 81″ so it should fit in most homes and basements that have 7 foot ceilings. With an extra set of adjustable bar hooks you can work inside the rack or outside it.”

– Robbrown

“Solid, superb and worth the money. This rack is quite heavy and will be a workout on to itself to set up. The instructions are easy to follow and the required material is present. There are some plastics parts in the construction, and unfortunately for me a couple pieces cracked (support arm and one of the hooks), but was swiftly replaced. This thing is a beast and for the price, it’s worth the money.”

– Tony L

See all of Amazon’s user reviews on this rack. is often a good source of reviews on equipment. The main site is a supplement store, but they have a huge forum with several popular subforums on supplements, nutrition, exercises, and equipment. The regular posters are brutally honest and prefer higher grade equipment. See thecage80’s F430 review thread, Here’s an excerpt:

“The quality of the Bodycraft is definately very good. I have seen the Powertec Rack in person last week and have owned Powertec equipment…. it’s comparable in terms of the metal, except the Bodycraft have thicker and wider metal since it’s 2×3 bars. For more money, I guess it should be a bit thicker metal. I mention this because these are the two racks I was deciding on before and it seems to be a very popular debate around here. The F430 bolts and nuts all fit perfectly with no issues. The bars were very sturdy and strong. On the Powertec, it felt a bit lighter, hollow and thinner from what I saw on the Powertec WB-PR10 model. Also, the coating on the Bodycraft feels better. The F430 feels and looks like a tank. There’s so much space inside the rack and definately feels like it has more depth the way it’s built. On another note – the only two flaws that I’ve seen so far with the rack is that there’s no numbering on the holes and the plastic piece that holds the safety bars is a bit cheap, but this is me being very picky. I have read complaints on the pull up bar being smooth, but I didn’t feel like this bothered me at all. I think that both racks does the job, and aside from those minor things, are very comparable. I still prefer the look on the Powertec rack, but I believe I would have been happy with either rack.”

Also on the forum, Keetman shared his setup of the BodyCraft F430 rack including the cable crossover option:

Keetman's F430 setup with the cable crossover option

Keetman’s F430 setup with the cable crossover option

That is my Bodycraft F430 with the crossover attachment and the F320 bench. Its a great setup that would suffice for pretty much anybody, but its not really got the “cool” factor as some of the more recent commercial or close to commercial grade racks that have been highlighted. I have always been extremely happy with the setup because by itself the rack is fantastic, but once I added the CO, it was almost as stable as the commercial racks I’ve seen in person.

The BodyCraft F430 is available on Amazon.

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