Adamant Barbell has tons of weight lifting equipment for sale, from machines to benches to dumbbells to complete home gyms.

People buy their own workout equipment for several reasons. Maybe you want to increase the strength or size of your muscles. Maybe you want to get in better shape for sports or just to function better in every day life.

We also have gym equipment for commercial gyms looking to add more weights, machines or racks to their facility.

There are a lot of different ways of working out. Weight lifting is the practice of using weights as resistance, rather than elastic bands or just your own body weight.

The two main categories of weight equipment we have for sale are free weights and machines. Free weights include anything you can freely pick up and down and move around as you wish, including dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells. With free weights, the resistance is determined just by the force of gravity and is not mechanical.

Olympic Weight Plates and Bars

olympic weights

We recommend olympic sized weights. The plates have the larger 2″ diameter holes, and the bars have the large ends that rotate to put less strain on your wrists and better facilitate some exercises.

Power Racks

power racks

A power rack is a frame around you to help you lift safely by catching the barbell on a failed rep, and give you multiple starting heights for the weight depending on the exercise you’re doing, such as squats or bench presses.

Power racks in the last few decades have become one of the most popular pieces of equipment in home and commercial gyms. Beginners, powerlifters and bodybuilders all make use of it.


dumbbells on rack

Dumbbells, or the smaller hand-held weights, are best for certain exercises or for lower weight.

For a home gym most people get a set of adjustable dumbbells.


gym bench

Weight benches can be used in a couple different ways – inside of a power rack as above, or with dumbbells.

You can also get a dedicated bench press unit that has barbell holders and is meant for doing mainly one exercise, the bench press. Some also come with leg developer and bicep curl attachments.

Weight Machines

squat weight machine

Machines utilize some sort of mechanical resistance to help you perform certain exercises. This may involve pulleys in a cable machine, or a leverage-based machine requiring you to move the machine’s arm over a predefined arc of motion.

All-in-one, or multi-gyms, are like several weight machines in one, combining a large variety of exercises into one compact unit.

Free weights are recommended for beginners and are still used as the main component of weight lifting for even advanced lifters. Free weights require you to dynamically balance your body while performing the exercise, working all kinds of stabilizer muscles in the process, making you stronger than if you were to do only isolation exercises on a machine. Free weights also help prevent injury if you’re careful in slowly building up your weight tolerance. Any of the free weight equipment for sale on this site is good for this purpose. Your whole body becomes used to handling resistance in new ways, so that if something unexpected or sudden happens while training or in every day life, your body will more easily handle the muscular exertion without hurting itself. Machines target so many specific muscles in isolation that they don’t train the body to work as a whole unit optimally.

Machines are useful in hitting specific muscles extra hard when the rest of your body can’t take the work load of a free weight exercise. Bodybuilders often use machines at the end of their workout for a particular muscle group in order to make sure they worked their muscles to the limit. Machines can also be used as a rehabilitation tool or in other situations where specific muscles need to be trained, strengthened, or built.